Minimalist Coin Wallet in Tuscany leather. RFID-blocking Front Pocket Wallet from Axess

High Quality Leather: Full grain vegetable tanned leather from the renowned leather district of Tuscany. Italy
Quality & Craftsmanship: Carefully handmade by seasoned craftsmen
Thin profile: Fits comfortably in your front pocket without protruding.
Shielded: Features an RFID-blocking pocket to protect your sensitive cards from wireless skimming or ID-theft.
Gets better with use: Vegetable tanned leather develops a beautiful patina over time and is very durable
Features: The main inner pocket is RFID-blocking.Dimensions: 11.3 x 7.4 cm (height x width) Materials: High grade vegetable tanned leatherHolds: 4-5 cards as well as coins and bills. A minimalist wallet designed to keep your coins in check; the coin wallet holds your coins and cash in a rounded shape that fits comfortably in your front pocket. Both front and back of the wallet features easy access slots for your everyday most used cards. Craftsmanship: The wallet is handmade by experienced craftsmen working with the high end genuine Italian Vegetable tanned leather. The stitching is tight and strong with durable Polyester/Cotton Corespun Thread. The edges are hand cut. This model is made in full grain vegetable tanned leather from the renowned leather district of Tuscany in Italy. This carefully crafted leather will adapt to your use and develop a rich and deeply textured patina over time. Vegetable tanned leather actually becomes better with time and use. creating a wallet that will transform in front of your eyes and have a much longer lifespan than most commonplace wallets on the market. Axess is a brand of handmade Front Pocket Wallets that combines excellent craftsmanship with beautiful leather from the renowned leather district of Tuscany in Italy in minimalist designs meant to fit seamlessly in your front pocket so that you don't have to sit on your bulky wallet. All wallets are half the size of a regular wallet. yet performs all the functions of a full sized billfold.


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